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Writing doesn't just consist of writing.  It comes of years of reading.  And as is true of many other readers, my passion has turned into a collection.  Occasionally, I end up with some interesting pieces which I'd like to highlight with this page that others may find of interest.

Dark Horse Books, 2015,  Written by Martin Powell with art by Diana Leto, Pablo Marcos, Will Meugniot, Nik Poliwko, Steven E. Gordon, Jamie Chase, Terry Beatty, Mark Wheatley, Sergio Cariello, Tomas Aranda, Carlos Arguello, Thomas Floyd, Thomas Yeates, Steve Price, Lowell Isaac

I don't have a great many signed books and chose this one to be the first I highlighted.  This is an excellent retelling of Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, as written by Martin Powell.  I had the pleasure of meeting both Martin and Leia Powell at the 2017 Dum-Dum in Coldwater, MI where I was happy to obtain this copy straight out of Martin's hands into mine, after he was gracious enough to sign it. 


This is a piece in my collection of which I'm very proud.  Anyone can get online and order a signed copy but I happen to feel that supporting the author, right there at his table, talking to him, and watching him or her sign your book is the bestest way to obtain signed editions.  Obviously, this only works for authors who are still with us.

Avon #214,  A(braham) Merritt - The Fox Woman.

While the paperback edition of Avon #214 is readily found by searching AbeBooks, Ebay, Amazon, & Etc, this special edition isn't.  Lovingly homebound in the spirit of a Library Bound book, this piece is certainly interesting.  Note the hand-scrawled name and title on cover and spine, and the Chinese dragon lining paper.  Very cool indeed!

Ace #90190  Edgar Rice Burroughs - The Wizard of Venus w/ Pirate Blood.


Similar to the Merritt above, here we have a library bound, 1970 Ace paperback edition of The Wizard of Venus, #90190, 1st print. The missing softcover was illustrated by Roy Krenkel as stated on the copyright page. This copy includes Pirate Blood and was the first publication of Burroughs' forgotten tale.  I pulled this copy off of a shelf at McAllister and Solomon Used and Rare Books in Wilmington, NC.

M. A Donahue & Co, Chicago.  E. O. Chapman - The Arabian Nights Entertainments.


"Profusely illustrated".  And indeed it is.   Being a fan of the Arabian Nights fantasies (reference my tale, The Treasure of Akram El-Amin, for evidence), I could not resist this neat hardcover from the 20s.  From Donahue's "Young Folks Classic Series, and rewritten for "young readers", the illos are just wonderful.  This copy is pretty tattered as seen by the images.  Still, it's a colorful, and welcome, edition on my shelves. 


I paid for $10 for this piece, the same price as the library and homebound editions mentioned above.  This piece was snagged many years ago after an hour-long motorcycle ride to Wytheville, Va to a bookstore that no longer exists, called, The Book Nook.

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