Black & White Meets Color!

Although I've played in simple apps like MS Paint, Snagit, &Etc for years, I only really began learning cool techniques after I began writing and self-publishing stories where I quickly found myself needing cover art.  That need led me to GIMP, a free editing tool.

I was once asked to restore an old baby photo that had been left near a window for years; it was badly faded and a washed-out from exposure.  I tried but was not successful in restoring that photo...

One of the tools used to colorize B&W photos is layer masking, which exists in GIMP.  But I hadn't yet learned to use the tool; I'm still learning.  The episode with the baby photo galvanized me to began studying masking.  I'm still no expert,  but I now feel like I could make a more successful attempt on that baby photo if I was to attempt it today.

This page is where I host a small but growing collection of B&W to Color conversions.  Admittedly, some of them aren't extraordinary.  One thing you learn when attempting to colorize old photos is that you are at the mercy of the image's quality.  Some of the movie stills on this page aren't of the highest resolution, but I felt they were still interesting, powerful images nonetheless.  


I hope you enjoy seeing these and I'll be adding more over time.  You may click any image to expand it to full size.


So, without further adieu....

The Wolf Man 

Meets Color!

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