Cover for The Banshee of the Atacama

Tales of the Tomahawk Vol II

He had the heart of a Viking – and the spirit of an Arapaho warrior

After being evicted from his  parents' village Ansen Grost ends up in a small coastal town in the Shetlands.  In the aftermath of a dust-up in the pub where he is staying, Ansen is befriended by an old man who--once he sees the Norseman fight--offers him an interesting job.  


To make it hard to refuse, the pay is better than just right.  Down-on-his-luck Ansen can hardly refuse.  After all, a guy's has to earn a living, and fighting cosmic entities and supernatural bad guys doesn't put ale in a glass.

But this job involves finding a Scottish lass lost in Peru.  And she's not like other girls.  This lass has a centuries-old banshee as a familiar who can be slightly over-protective.

This might get hairy.

Bizarre Tales Sneak Peak!

The Hunter & The Sorcerer.png

For this story I'm pulling a first for me -- I'm painting the cover.  I've created many of the covers I've published thus far but those were created using digital software, while this piece is starting life as an 11x14 oil painting.

As with my other fantasy pieces, this painting will dove tail with my writings of the bizarre, outre and fantastical.

I look forward to releasing this story of the adventures of Bru, a Hunter of the Seven Rivers Tribe, as he goes up against saber-tooth tigers, cave bears and an entire alien race intent on clobbering his world...

A prehistoric tale of the Pleistocene...

Banished from the Plains tribe of the Seven Rivers after offending the chief, Bru--a hunter--stalks into the saber-tooth haunted hills with only his stone knife and the furs on his back. 

Bru is determined to find some way to appease the chief so he might return to the tribe.  For if he doesn't return soon, the girl he loves will be mated to a hated rival.

Yet Bru's plans are thrown out of kilter when he runs afoul of a visitor from another world in need of a strong back . . . and an even stronger mind.

Bizarrely instructed in science and physics beyond the ken of his simple people,  savage Bru soon finds himself forced to labor for a cruel master.

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