Artwork for Tales of the Tomahawk

After months of searching for an artist to do justice to the character of Ansen Grost - the Norseman who plays the primary role in the Tales of the Tomahawk series I'm developing -  I came across Swendly Benilia in an art forum.  I have really enjoyed working with Swendly and hope to continue our partnership in the future.  For sure, he is my go-to man for Ansen! 

If you enjoyed Swendly’s creative artwork on the covers of The Blonde Goddess of Tikka-Tikka and the soon-to-come The Banshee of the Atacama (as shown on the COMING SOON tab), and find yourself in need of similar work, please contact him at:

Swendly Benilia
Character Designer & Illustrator 

@ Swendly Design & Illustration

Phone: +31613272685

From concept to finished painting - Blonde Goddess!

Blonde Goddess Concept 1
Blonde Goddess Concept 2
Blonde Goddess Concept 3

From concept to finished painting - Banshee of the Atacama!

Banshee Concept 1
Banshee Concept 2
Banshee Concept 3

Artwork for Atlas of the Serpent Men

I scoured the internet seeking a suitable piece for my Conan fan fiction - Atlas of the Serpent Men.  As soon as I saw this painting by Okan Bülbül on Deviant Art I knew this was it.  I contacted him and now this piece is one with the story.  I hope each compliments the other. 

If you enjoyed the powerful image of Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria that adorns the story, and find yourself in need of similar work, please visit Okan’s sites to browse his amazing collections.

On Deviant Art:

On Facebook:

Original image for Atlas of the Serpen Men