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Apr 30, 2019  On this day I mailed the 50 requisite copies for ERB-APA No 141 (the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association) to Henry Franke - the new acting ERB-APA Official Editor (OE) .  This submission consists of my short story, Tarzan and the Forest of Stone - another uncirculated tale of the beloved ape-man.  For more about the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association, visit the official site on

ERB-APA Issue #141 Cover by Richard Hescox; Includes Tarzan and the Forest of Stone by Chris L Adams

Apr 11, 2019  "It's fascinating how the paths we take in life shape who we'll become and what we'll leave behind, when--on that fateful day--we're blasted by the emerald lightnings of The Emperor's Guard at the Pit of the Metal Monster.... "


In answer to the call to write an article on The Metal Monster by A. Merritt, I dove into the Hippocampus Press restored edition.  I'd never read this version, so this was going to be a real treat... 

As with my article on collecting Merritt, I took a lot of photos, this time with a focus on Monster.  In pure enthusiasm at rereading this classic of Merritt's, I purchased a couple editions I didn't yet have so this article has plenty of imagery! 


Click on the image to check out the article, and be sure to visit the other pages on DMR Books.


Apr 3, 2019  When Gil Stack asked me for help in putting together a small, but crucial, map of the system of bridges and towns along the Rio Rocoso, a river in his Legionnaire series, I quickly dived into action.  This map will be used in his Bridges of Morganita, available now for pre-order, and with a release date of April 25, 2019.

Click the image to visit Gil's Legionnaire page

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Feb 01, 2019  Submitted, for publication, my latest, completed fantasy oil painting -- an homage to Fred Arting's cover art for the 1914 A. C. McClurg First Edition of Tarzan of the Apes


This was an historic edition.  Using the cover as a model, I painted my own take of Arting's now famous piece.  After showing an image of it to Henry Franke - editor of The Burroughs Bibliophiles and the ERBAPA Henry did me the honor of expressing interest in the painting for possible use in an upcoming issue of The Burroughs Bulletin.  Until then, check it out  on the Fantasy Art page!

Jan 29, 2019  I was asked by Jason Hardy, Editor-in-Chief of The Minunian--a fanart fanzine dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs, to submit a piece based on Tarzan the Terrible.  Submitted the poem Tarzan Jad-Guru.  Jason also hosts the ERBf.a.n. (fan artist network) on Facebook--check it out by clicking here.

Jan 20, 2019  " constantly surprises me that there are still many today who have never heard of <A. Merritt>.  Actually - let me walk that back a bit.  It used to surprise me... "


In remembrance of his birthday, I was asked to write an article on collecting A. Merritt.  I've collected Merritt for years - actually, my current collection is my second such of him, as  my first was destroyed in a house fire.  


To make it visually appealing, I took a boat load of photos of my Merritt material, a cross section of what the Merritt collector will come across.  


Click on the image to check out the article, and be sure to visit the other pages on DMR Books.

FFM - Burn Witch Burn.png

Jan 15, 2019  In the last week of September, 2018, I began painting a fantasy map for author Gilbert M. Stack for his upcoming Winterhaven series.  At the time I started painting, I had no idea it would stretch into a 3+ month long project.  I paint glacially, and Gil's world he created is full of topographical features.  After I finished the painting, I then spent a further couple of weeks in digital editing.  The map was in landscape, so we split into an East and a West for better viewing on readers.  Check out Gil's first Winterhaven novel on Amazon.

Dec 31, 2018  I am happy to note that on this day I mailed the 50 requisite copies of my first ERB-APA No 140 (the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association) submission to Scott Tracy Griffin - the current ERB-APA Official Editor (OE) . 


This initial, introductory piece, includes a bio and my short story, Tarzan and the Behemoth - an un-circulated tale of the much beloved ape-man. 


For more about the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association, visit the official site on

ERB-APA Issue #140 Cover by Kevin "Raz" Rasel; Includes Tarzan and the Behemoth by Chris L Adams

Item of Note:  John Guidry  I had the great good fortune to meet the founder of the ERB-APA at the 2018 Dum-Dum in Morgan City, Louisiana - John Guidry (special thanks to Scott Tracy Griffin for bringing John to the ERB meetings).  


I took this picture only moments after John was awarded a Burroughs Bibliophiles Outstanding Achievement Award.  This was a heart-felt moment for John; he had tears in his eyes while he spoke to me and my wife. I was fortunate to speak with him several times that week, finding him a genteel, knowledgeable, fascinating and gentle soul; it was a high honor to meet him; he invited us to come back to New Orleans and go to Mardi Gras with him. 


As we were discussing various authors one night, John whipped a small photo album out of his pocket , flipped through it, and showed me a picture of him with Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett. I about died.  I am a huge fan of Hamilton, so yeah- that was momentous.  I would easily compare that moment to standing there looking a guy in the eye who'd met Burroughs or Howard. 


Another interesting bit about John - he and Patrick Adkins formed the publishing company, Guidry & Adkins, which brought Burroughs fans the now-coveted Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder.  I certainly wished I had my copy with me to ask John for his signature.

John Guidry - founder of ERB-APA
Edmond Hamilton, with Leigh Bracket and John Guidry

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