“For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming...”
- H.P. Lovecraft
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From here you can begin exploring what Chris is doing in pulp-style stories of adventure, horror and fantasy.  It is an interest which eventually began spawning fantasy paintings in oils.  Check out Chris' writings under Stories and Coming Next, and his most recent paintings under Fantasy Art.

News & Items of Note

Feb 21, 2020  Asked by author/pal Gilbert M. Stack to come up with a banner for his March to Other Worlds, this is the piece I came up with.  Check out Gil's March posts where he hosts a different novel each day.


Feb 11, 2020  UK Author Richard Dee was generous to extend an offer to host me on his Indie Showcase where he hosts a new Indie Author each week.  Check out the article on Richar's site, and sign up for his Welcome to My Worlds newsletter.  


Feb 10, 2020  Mailed the 50 requisite copies for ERB-APA No 144 (the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association) to Henry Franke - his last issue as ERB-APA Official Editor (OE) .  This submission consists of comments to all current members, and any members who have submitted to the APA since I joined in #140.  For more about the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association, visit the official site on ERB-Zine.com.

Did you know you can purchase back copies of ERB-APA? These fan-produced publications are an amazing source of Edgar Rice Burroughs ephemera.  Follow the link to email the OE for more info.

ERBAPA Placeholder -- I'll upload the cover for #144 when it arrives

Jan 14, 2020  "There have been many various collections over the years of the works of Virgil Finlay… but none, my friends, precisely like this one..." 

When I was asked by DMR Books to write up a review of my copy of The Collectors' Book of Virgil Finlay, I was more than happy to.  This is a museum quality book that has the distinction of displaying original pieces by Finlay by a group of collectors, with many of the illustrations being reproduced in 1:1 scale which might be a true first. 

To read more and see several photos of these amazing pieces, hop over to DMR Books and read, The Collectors' Book of Virgil Finlay.

The Collectors' Book of Virgil Finlay

Jan 14, 2020  "When Merritt hit the scene in Frank Munsey's All-Story Weekly in 1917 with his short story Through the Dragon Glass, he took to the field like a knight tossing a gauntlet to the ground at a tourney.  He swiftly became a force to be reckoned with in the writing field and publishers took notice..."


And no where is this more apparent than in the pulps!

Check out the latest installment in my Collecting Merritt series on DMR Books, titled, Collecting Merritt: Famous Fantastic Mysteries and Other Cool Mags.

Fantastic Novels - The Snake Mother

Dec 30, 2019  Back at the end of October fellow author and pen-pal Gilbert M. Stack asked me to come up with a idea for a monster he needed for a book cover.  With only a snatch of description to go by I came up with this gnarly beast.

Gil's full-time cover artist blended the monster onto a background to be used for Gil's novel, Blood, Volume 2 in his new Preternatural series.  Check it out on Amazon!

Troll sans_moss_1500.png


This is a typical shot of my cluttered office where I write. It's inspiring to write and paint while surrounded by books and swords.

Shot of my office

Poem of the Day/Week/Whenever

It's been right at a year (01/16/19) since I wrote and posted this poem, so I felt a re-post might be in order!

One and All

I've seen moonlight glisten, like diamonds on the snow -
And I've seen my face reflected, in a wet axe –
. . . and so, I know …

That we are mortal - you and I
And as such, we soon must die
That when fallen, our bodies lie…

As fodder for the crow –
. . . and so, I know…

We were not meant, to o'er long last
That all too soon, we surely pass -
Into a darkness, consuming all…
Oh – that dark, unseemly pall!

A grim gash leaves a splitted skull…

Then we know - we all are fools!
That one and all, we're naught but tools!
To be used until we fell -
upon hearing Death's dark bell,
toll and join, that darkly pall,
each of us - one and all…

Frozen rubies made of blood
A River Styx - a crimson flood
Flows down my face, across my breast
Stains my jerkin, and my flesh
Limbs do stiffen as I die
Ice-cold winds, now freeze my eye
Men above me stomp and swear
But I - I no longer care…

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