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“For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming...”
- H.P. Lovecraft
Welcome to the Bizarre Tales site

Bizarre Tales is a catch-all for my creative works, including pulp-style stories, painting, and the occasional poem.  I hope you enjoy exploring the site. 


Information on stories can be found on the Stories and Coming Next pages.  Paintings are on the Fantasy Art page and there's usually a Poem somewhere on the homepage.   

News & Items of Note
In this section one may find a few of the things in which I become involved that might be of interest, plus any worthy Bizarre Tales news. 

August 1, 2023  Dark Tides of Mars  Pre-Order is LIVE!


Pre-order Dark Tides of Mars NOW from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.  The books are expected to begin shipping in Fall 2023.

Click HERE to jump to the pre-order page. 


The book is available in paperback, hardback, and a Collector's edition.  If you want a Collector's edition, please don't wait as there are only 200 available.  Once these are gone they will never again be available except on the used book market.   

All preorders of the hardcover Collector’s Edition of Dark Tides of Mars placed directly from ERB, Inc.’s online store will come with an exclusive collectible trading card featuring the book’s cover art by Douglas Klauba.

From the ERB Inc site:

By Chris L Adams
Cover art by Douglas Klauba
Interior illustrations by Douglas Klauba

Barsoom is dying, its atmosphere thinning with each passing year, the seas that once flourished upon its surface dried up eons ago. When warrior-scientist Dat Voga is asked to become Helium’s ambassador to distant cities that may provide a desperate chance at life for the people of Barsoom, he leaps at the opportunity. But even as this new hope dangles on a thread, a madman seeks to hasten the Red Planet’s doom—and Dat Voga is hurled headlong upon an odyssey across the chasm of Time itself!

Thanks for your support.


Dark Tides of Mars ~ Cover art by Douglas Klouba

April 2023  A Savage from Atlantis  Pre-Order LIVE!


Pre-order A Savage from Atlantis until April 28, 2023 for only $0.99!

Click HERE to jump to the Amazon page. After April 28, the pre-order incentive price increases to $2.99. 

And thanks so much for your support.


A Savage From Atlantis

 Bizarre Tales is now on Facebook 


So Bizarre Tales is a one man show.  There is no team updating the BT website, so sometimes it goes awhile between updates.  Sometimes quite a while.


However, I am a bit more active on Facebook.  If you are, too, shoot me a friend request at ChrisLAdams BizarreTales.  But please, only if you are interested in discussing authors we love or Bizarre Tales titles.  I don't need any snake oil salesmen. 

I'm also active in several Facebook groups, such as For the Love of All Things Edgar Rice Burroughs, The A. Merritt Fan Group, The HPLHS Group, ERBzine by Bill Hillman (Bill's website is a most excellent ERB resource), and others.  If you enjoy discussing authors and book collecting, come check out some of these groups.  


Look for this Bizarre Tales Banner, and the guy in the helmet holding a Viking sword.  If you spot those elements, you're in the right place!

Poem of the Day/Week/Whenever

In The City of Zalasaros

'Neath stormy skies ’n ghoul-spied passes, I sought my way to stumble-
‘Midst dark surrounds, a demon-cursed city, the structure
s all a-crumble;

My machine failed sorely, leaving me stranded, ‘midst swooping desert dunes-
Whose musically shifting sands and weeds made cryptic, creepy tunes-

With scorching days behind me, ’n taking ne’er walked desert trails-
If I’d only known that final horror t’ follow days of fearful travails;

My eyes quite weary, my torch long dimmed, my senses numbed by fright;
With hours counting ’n days now numbered, a sallow radiance came to sight;

What baleful gleam is this, I thought, what lantern-flame - or glow?
A torch, perhaps, or candle-fire, but knew only one way I might know;

My grip I filled, from a desert tree, a hearty branch of wood-
And with said weapon I did battle, where THEY crawled ‘n writhed ‘n stood;

For now I know what I did not before, that HE does indeed live and writhe-
That crab-clawed Zalasaros – that Feaster of Ten-million eyes;

HE came to this plane, no man knows, in times long distant and past-
To blast men’s eyes ‘n carve out their souls, leaving their minds aghast;

And how, says you, how did I, give the slip to that crab-clawed fiend-
It occurred, you see as, near a rail, in a tower of stone I leaned;

The same broke forth, ‘n down I went, as head over heel I tumbled-
Somehow crossing distances vast till at last in San Juan I fumbled;

The thing I mark, and on which I marvel, is Chicago is from hence I departed-
But two-thousand miles and two-hundred years is far from where I started;

But no man crossed old Zalasaros and leaving went not unaffected-
I survived to tell the tale, you see, but there’s no one I know that’s not dead;

My mind’s yet hale, or so I think, but these times are certainly strange-
And I miss the century in whence I was born, and from which I am now estranged;


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