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A Savage From Atlantis!

I'm pleased to report that Book 2 in the Prehistoric Tales series, A Savage from Atlantis, is finished and in the final edits stage!  I was inspired to write this one because I had so much fun with the first one, including painting the cover. Also, The Hunter and the Sorcerer has done well lately, leading me to feel that there is some interest in this series, where I take a primitive character and someone quite different and throw them together in a grand adventure.

About A Savage from Atlantis 

When Natani, a young girl from the Seven Rivers Tribe, is injured in a raid she is lucky to have survived. Left for dead, she is discovered by a patrol vessel and taken to Asu, a city of Atlantis where she isn't exactly made to feel welcome. Only one person, an aging, retired Frontier Guard named Vatriculos, shows the girl any kindness.

After she heals from her injuries and learns some of the Atlantean language, she tells Vatriculos of her wish to locate her people. With half of Asu looking for them, they embark together on her quest. Where Natani of the Seven Rivers Tribe was out of her element walking the streets of Asu, her companion is out of his in the wilds of the Paleolithic where it is all Natani can do to keep him from getting himself killed. The pair learn a lot from one another as they carve a path from Atlantis toward the Valley of the Seven Rivers, surviving terrific obstacles.

But, unbeknownst to the mismatched pair, the Council of Asu, believing the girl possesses knowledge that will enable Atlantis to wipe out their enemies and ensure their conquest of a world, details a tracker to locate them and return the girl to Asu. Will the girl's companion turn his back on his country, or will he ensure the safety of Natani and her people, perhaps at the expense of his own?

Read the story of how the cover came about on the Fantasy Art Page!

Savage Hardback
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