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Gauntlets of Mars!

Stranded one million years in Barsoom's illustrious, sea-covered past, warrior-scientist Dat Voga has faced some serious obstacles since he and his companion arrived in the middle of a hurricane.  But the most serious obstacle is yet to be overcome. 

The longer he is in the past, the more likely it becomes that he will cause irreparable damage to the future . . . a future in which he and his friends may cease to exist if his actions happen to seriously affect the timeline.  But with the secret to returning to his own time locked in the head of a deranged madman who remains in the future, is returning home to his family and friends even possible?

Hopefully, we will find out in 2024!  Stay tuned.  And as always, thanks for your support.

Note: the cover isn't yet done for this novel yet, so the image you see is simply a placeholder!  I'll update this image later when it becomes available.

Dark Tides of Mars is still available from the ERB Inc webstore at Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Webstore

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The more I search, the more online retailers I find!  Point is, it's out there!

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Gauntlets Mystery Cover Hardback

Next up for Bizarre Tales...

A Savage From Atlantis is now in paperback!

Book 2 in the Prehistoric Tales series, A Savage from Atlantis, is now available in paperback on Amazon!  Next up is to convert it to hardcover.  I've never done a hardcover format, so this might be a while.

Read the story of how the cover came about on the Fantasy Art Page!

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Savage Hardback
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