Cover for The Banshee of the Atacama

Tales of the Tomahawk Vol II

He had the heart of a Viking – and the spirit of an Arapaho warrior

Fiercely rejected from his homeland Ansen Grost finds himself dumped in a small port town in the Shetland Isles.  During a brawl in a pub he is befriended by an old man who offers him a very odd - but lucrative - job.  


Down-on-his-luck Ansen can hardly refuse.  After all, fighting cosmic entities and defeating supernatural bad guys isn't for everyone and a guy's gotta earn a living.

But this job involves finding a Scottish lass lost in Peru.  And she's not just any normal girl.  This gal has a centuries-old banshee as a familiar who's slightly over-protective.

This might get hairy.

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