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Exciting news from Bizarre Tales!  Coming soon from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc ...

Dark Tides of Mars!

The first of my Barsoom homage is due out Fall of 2023.  The cover and interior illustrations were completed by Douglas Klouba, and he did just a fine job.

Preorder is live for this novel, including a paperback, hardback and a Collector's edition.

If you want to splurge on the Collector's edition, don't wait. These tend to sell out quickly.

Click HERE to jump to the pre-order page. 

Dark Tides of Mars ~ Cover art by Douglas Klouba

Next up for Bizarre Tales...

A Savage From Atlantis!

Book 2 in the Prehistoric Tales series, A Savage from Atlantis, is now available on Amazon!  Next up is to convert it to paperback for those who like a physical copy.  I would have had this done already but lost the work in a data backup mishap.  Should be soon! 

Read the story of how the cover came about on the Fantasy Art Page!

Savage Hardback
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