“For I have always been a seeker, a dreamer, and a ponderer on seeking and dreaming...”
- H.P. Lovecraft
Welcome to the Bizarre Tales site

Bizarre Tales is a catch-all for my creative hobbies, which include reading, writing, painting, the occasional poem, etc.  Initially, I created this site to promote my adventure and horror stories.  After I started creating fantasy oil paintings it became a way to share those as well.  So, please, explore the site.  Information on stories can be found on the Stories and Coming Next pages.  Paintings will be found on the Fantasy Art page and there's usually a Poem somewhere on the homepage.  Oh, and you won't want to miss the B&W-to-Color conversions!  



This is a typical shot of my cluttered office where I write. It's inspiring to write and paint while surrounded by books and swords.

Shot of my office

News & Items of Note

Feb 10, 2021   The Blonde Goddess of Tikka-Tikka now available in Paperback!

For years, my Bizarre Tales were only available in eBook format.  When  I released The Hunter and the Sorcerer  I made a concerted effort to come out with a bound book edition.  This can be more difficult than one might imagine.

With the success of Hunter/Sorcerer, I've gone on to convert the remaining Bizarre Tales titles that can be published in book form.

The Blonde Goddess of Tikka-Tikka Paperback

Jan 13, 2021   “I have seldom been able to resist the allurement of a bookstore…”

—Clark Ashton Smith, The Hunters from Beyond (1932)

Deuce Richardson of DMR Books Blog asked me for an article to mark the birthday of Clark Ashton Smith.  CAS is one of my favorite authors and one I collect, so I couldn't resist.

Click the image to check out the article.

Red Worlds of Polaris by Clark Ashton Smith
Dec 15, 2020  *** New Bizarre Tales Release! ***
This novel has literally taken me years to finish because of interruptions. I've paused so many times to write and paint other things that I can't recall now what brought about all of these cessations regarding The Banshee of the Atacama . . . Volume 2 in The Tales of the Tomahawk series.  But at long last, it is available, and I'm quite proud of it.  This is available at most retailers in eBook format; the paperback version will be available on Amazon shortly.
Cover for The Banshee of the Atacama

Tales of the Tomahawk Vol II

He had the heart of a Viking and the spirit of an Arapaho warrior...

After being evicted from his parents' village Ansen Grost ends up in a small coastal town in the Shetlands.  In the aftermath of a dust-up in the pub where he is staying, Ansen is befriended by an old man who--once he sees the Norseman fight--offers him an interesting job.  


To make it tempting, the pay is better than just right and down-on-his-luck Ansen can hardly refuse.  After all, a guy has to earn a living, and fighting cosmic entities and supernatural bad guys don't put ale in a glass or food in a belly.

But this job involves finding a Scottish lass lost in Peru.  And she's not like other girls.  This one has a centuries-old banshee as a familiar who can be slightly over-protective.

This might get hairy.

Poem of the Day/Week/Whenever

Spearhead force in dawn's gray mists
banners wave aloft as knights join the lists
medieval steel gripped in chain mailed fists-
they battle for life and for supremacy.

Visors clang and swords chant their reeds
grim and foreboding on black prancing steeds
the bards shall sing of this days deeds-
their names shall live forever.

Fleet is the charge, powerful the rush
horses and men in armor crush
war scenes depicted from the artist's brush-
the vultures feed well today...

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