I enjoy writing the type of science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories I developed an affection for by authors such as Robert E.  Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs, & Etc.  Ok, I have to add Edmond Hamilton to that list. 
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Biplane pilot finds a lost city!

Published February 8, 2016

Tales of Despair Volume I

Lost in a savage Jungle...

Sent off course by a faulty compass, Lieutenant Erik von Mendelsöhn sets his plane down in the treetops of an African jungle after running out of petrol.

Having survived the terrific crash he is now forced with enduring the terrors of a primitive world with no idea where lay the lines of the friendly forces he was attempting to reach.

Soon,  Erik discovers there to be forces at work infinitely more dangerous than the wildlife with which he has contended since abandoning his wrecked plane, when he discovers a mysterious prehistoric city, buried in a valley governed by the time-warp of a distant star  whose grim, gray inhabitants would make of him a thrall.

This is a short story.

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Once upon a time… on a cold and dreary winter’s night…

For many the frightful remembrances of an awful event suffered during youth fade with time. For others, however, the dreadful scene swells with passing years, driving sanity from its path.

Decades after a night of terror an old man, his mind teetering on the ragged edge of madness by his childhood recollections, determines to face his fears by awakening the world to the monstrous visions that haunt his dreams.

Now he sits down to pen a strange narrative describing an event his family suffered while living in an isolated cabin during a blizzard on a night of soul-wrenching horror.

This is a short story.

Published February 11, 2016

Cover for The Treasure of Akram el-Amin

An Arabian tale of a quest that could only transpire in another time and place…

When Iskandar’s father came to him and said: “My son, you must go to the tents of mine enemy and bring to me his greatest treasure!” little did the lad guess what was about to befall him.

Now, alone amidst the palisaded tents of his father’s rival, would he come away with the chieftest of the great sheikh’s riches? How would he know this gem among gems? Or would the boy lose his life as he attempted to wrest the most valued possession held by one of the most powerful sheikhs of all Arabia - Akram el-Amin!


This is a short story in the tradition of A Thousand Nights and Night.

Published May 4, 2016

A prehistoric tale of the Pleistocene...

A prehistoric tale of the Pleistocene...

The Hunter and the Sorcerer cover

Published March 25, 2020

Banished from his tribe after offending the chief, Bru, a hunter, stalks into the tiger-haunted hills with only his stone knife and the furs on his back.


Determined to make amends so he might return before the girl he loves is mated to a hated rival, his plans are thrown out of kilter when he runs afoul of a visitor from another world.

Instructed in bizarre sciences beyond his simple ken, the savage hunter finds himself making a deal with the mysterious outsider that will allow him to return to his people  . . . or will it?

Available in ebook, and paperback!

Now available in


This is a first for Bizarre Tales, and I am so stoked to be able to make this collaboration between me and William L. Hahn available. 

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The Hunter and the Sorcerer Audio Cover
Cover for The Banshee of the Atacama

Published Dec 15, 2020

Tales of the Tomahawk Vol II

He had the heart of a Viking and the spirit of an Arapaho warrior...

After being evicted from his parents' village Ansen Grost ends up in a small coastal town in the Shetlands.  In the aftermath of a dust-up in the pub where he is staying, Ansen is befriended by an old man who--once he sees the Norseman fight--offers him an interesting job.  


To make it tempting, the pay is better than just right and down-on-his-luck Ansen can hardly refuse.  After all, a guy has to earn a living, and fighting cosmic entities and supernatural bad guys don't put ale in a glass or food in a belly.

But this job involves finding a Scottish lass lost in Peru.  And she's not like other girls.  This one has a centuries-old banshee as a familiar who can be slightly over-protective.

This might get hairy.

Cover for The Blonde Goddess of Tikka-Tikka

Published December 20, 2016

Tales of the Tomahawk Volume I

He had the heart of a Viking – and the spirit of an Arapaho warrior!

A man of great melancholies who is prone to bury his woes in a  shot glass, Ansen Grost drifts from job to job, typically taking on details for which no one else is suited.

When a movie producer approaches him in a dingy bar in Zimbabwe with a job offer as leading man in a film, Ansen decides he has nothing to lose.  But after making land and marching inland through a tropical forest to their campsite,  they soon discover they're not alone...

Having carried for years a tomahawk he inherited from the Arapaho medicine man who raised him, Ansen has grown accustomed to how the ancient weapon draws him into confrontations with supernatural evil in bizarre and often mind-blasting forms.  But even Ansen is unprepared for what he finds atop the cliffs of this unknown island. 

This is a short story.

Cover for The Cosmos of Despair

Published March 26, 2017

Tales of Despair Volume II

Stranded in a Cosmos of Despair...

Having fled the horrors of a lost city, Erik is thrown into circumstances that might shatter a weaker mind when he and others  are taken into custody by the servants of Deneb.

When he is scanned by their strange science, his brain is found to be suitable for assignment as replacement Navigation Assistant, a position they're desperate to fill since they killed the last one. 

Encouraged by this assignment to a position of note, he is disturbed to learn of an underlying stream of mutiny that threatens to ensnare him and his friends.


They leave Earth to rendezvous with one of the hated gray-backs.  To make matters worse, the captain of the star-vessel reveals his lascivious intentions for Peenemünde - the German girl Erik loves.

Erik has a decision to make--one with potentially history-altering reverberations…

This story is a sequel to The Valley of Despair.

Now available in Paperback!

Cover for Atlas of the Serpent Men

Published November 10, 2017

In the dawn of the ages…

It’s been years since Conan of Cimmeria last embarked on the sort of grim business for which the King of Aquilonia had become famous. Keeping his quest secret from all but his most trusted inner circle, he is soon on the trail of a mythical object of the ancient serpent people – the fabled Green Stone, stolen from the Temple of the Serpent in the days of the Atlantean known as King Kull.


Masquerading as a Cimmerian thief—a role he knows well how to play—he must fight his way into a previously unknown cavern of the ancient race of snake men. Here has been stored a hoard of tokens of power, including the gem of which he has need.


But he must hurry!  If he does not return with the stone in time, all he has struggled for will be for nothing and his world will never be the same.

This is a short story and made available for free by permission.

Cover for Conan and Old Crem

Published May 16, 2018

A Tale of Conan of Cimmeria

The immortal character created by Robert E. Howard

In the hills of far Cimmeria…

Conan and his band of cutthroats perform a daring night raid in the heady days of their youth when none were safe from the ravages of... Conan the Raider.

This whimsical piece of flash fiction -- based on Robert E. Howard's famous character --doesn't take itself too seriously.


I had included this piece as a 'bonus' at the end of Atlas of the Serpent Men, but as I enjoy doing cover art, I decided to publish Old Crem as its own release.  I hope you enjoy.

Originally posted on SwordsOfREH as A short, lively tale of Conan, Nov 8, 2017.

This is a short story and made available for free by permission.

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Cover for Atlas of the Serpent Men